Seva Focus
yogic practice of self-less giving


This month at Heart First Yoga we will be supporting and serving the community at the Wish Project in Lowell, MA. We will not only be donating a portion of our registration fees to support them financially, but I have very specific asks. They are in immediate need of children’s shoes of all sizes, all genders. They are also in need of new underwear, tops and bottoms. For female tops, sports bras will probably be best as they are less specific in sizing. I will have a basket in the yoga room for collections throughout the month of March. THANK YOU! See below to read more about the Wish Project!

REMINDER:  A portion of all registration fees go toward supporting these missions.  If you feel moved, you can make an additional donations or show of support as you wish.  Thank you!


Seva is the yogic practice of selfless giving.

Heart First Yoga is committed to give a portion of all registration fees to organizations in need.


Together, we can make a difference when we lead with our hearts and help where we can.

Let’s love and serve together.

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