“Shannon’s Yin Yoga class has been very beneficial for me. It’s obvious that she puts a lot of thought and love into planning her classes. The studio is warm and welcoming and Shannon provides her students with all the necessary essentials…mats, pillows, blankets, blocks and straps. Each class is an unique experience focused on relaxing and healing connective tissue and muscles. Love this class! ❤️”

“I am so grateful Shannon takes the time to share her time and practice with me. I tend to lose my self from time to time (okay, maybe all the time) and I love that I have a designated time and place to recenter & reconnect with the important things in my life. Shannon’s quiet and gentle guidance is perfect during both yoga and meditation classes.”

“Shannon’s classes are just what I was looking for. Perfect pace and level for someone who will never see 65 again!”

“The name of this studio says it all. Shannon IS heart first. She is a teacher with a heart full of love and wisdom and shares all her knowledge willingly and joyfully.”

“Shannon’s manner, style of teaching, knowledge of yoga styles and practices provides balanced instruction, accommodating the mixed abilities & personalities, of the participants. Shannon’s physical therapy experience brings the added benefit for those of us who are in our 60’s.
Simply put, “days are better when I go to yoga.”

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